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Calvin Klein watches are the ideal watch investment for those who prefer a non-fussy look yet still boast enough intrinsic detailing to make them interesting and statement.

Here is the list to show you one piece from each theme of a Calvin Klein collection. It is said that a modern woman should only wear few but quality pieces. Jewellery can be both sensual and a representation of style quotient if chosen right. The CK collection makes it easy to combine pieces, and the more you look, the more you realise the design talent that was put into them. Simplicity is actually achieved by a very well planned design, while the luxury materials make each product an exquisite quality one. It is never vulgar, never of bad taste, resonating with my vision of how the smart modern woman is.


A classic revisited. Calvin Klein minimal. Inspired by vintage timepieces is an iconic offering for women which feature a clean dial of exquisite control. This watch feels as much like jewellery as it does a timepiece. It features a mesh bracelet in PVD and a dial-in sun-brushed finishing, with thin logo etched inside having a Swiss Quartz Movement. The size of the case is 24mm showcasing its classic design; this timepiece gives all the vintage feels.

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Subtle. Round and fresh. Calvin Klein Rebel. This delicate timepiece captivates the wearer with its graphics and refined lines which make a signature look of the season, revealing all of the beauty of modernity. The material is of polished rose gold plated stainless steel, black leather and a black dial. It has got case size of 29mm and 30 metres water resistance, meaning the watch can be worn in rain but cannot be worn while jumping in a pool. This timepiece offers ten variations for any look, consists of different leather straps and a matching dial. The watch is known for bringing out the aesthetic beauty in you and in itself.



Precise. Sophisticated. A timeless and iconic design for those living a modern lifestyle. Calvin Klein High Noon is perfect for work and a business environment. Its case is 40mm with a mineral glass material comes with a round shape and Quartz movement. Calvin Klein High Noon has a leather strap set around a black dial with golden baton hour markers. It is formal and modern and is available in different colours, black, white and brown. This model brings out the ‘class’ that you own.



Elegant. Alluring. Calvin Klein Full Moon. Inspired by delicate femininity, this sophisticated timepiece is an ode to poetry and romance. It features a pink leather strap expressing a contemporary aesthetic look. The watch is water resistant and Swiss made. The mineral crystal glass material makes this model scratch resistance. It has a case diameter of 42mm and comes in white and black dial with a 2-year warranty. Calvin Klein Full Moon brings out the inner beauty of you.

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Calvin Klein Evidence is a bold, refined and a vibrant timepiece, which features a substantial impression of enduring masculinity and makes it the perfect accent for a casual chic weekend look. Has case diameter of 42mm and comes in black or blue rubber strap. This timepiece consists of stainless steel & Black PVD Quartz movement. The apparent simplicity of the watch gives way to eloquent details and adding a sporty, elegant overall design.



Refined. Distinctive and sophisticated Calvin Klein Cheers. As a symphony of lights and materials, Calvin Klein Cheers is a sublime eye-catcher. It is simple and elegant in its own way. Material of the case is Stainless Steel and the different coloured dial gives the watch that unique look. This watch has got a water resistance up to 30 metres with a case size of 32mm. It comes with stainless Silver strap inspired by Skyline design. It has got a 2 years guarantee period with Quartz movement and a silver Bezel. This model enhances the charm on one’s wrists.

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If you’re looking for something elegant you can wear with everything then Calvin Klein Authentic is the best match. Subtle Round, delicate, It comes together in a minimalist but classic-looking package. The round dial is made from stainless steel, with a metal strap. It works with the superior Swiss quartz movement. Its case size is 28mm with a mineral crystal glass material. This model is simple, elegant and reveals the beauty of modernity.

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These watches bring out the best of your personality, apart from being it a style statement, they talk to you.


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