SevenFriday is one of the brands, combining bold and avant-garde designs at a price point that made the watch world stand at attention. All the series has got some amazing USPs and they retain the peculiar SevenFriday feel. Rarely found, such a mechanical look gratifies the watch lover’s senses of possessing the unique masterpieces. And it does stand out. Here we have a quick overview covering all the series from SevenFriday.


The recent release of the SevenFriday V-Series took a remarkable attention from the brand’s bulk followers. The original P-Series watches were instantly identifiable, present in evermore retailers around the world, and had a die-hard following. The release of the SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 has gone some way to put an end to those fears. The SevenFriday V-Series V3/01 is a member of the “Industrial Engines” line, which previously featured the P3 watches. Starting with the ribbed leather strap, which evokes the pattern and materials of a driver’s seat. As the font and pad-printed integers of the dial reference a speedometer, we can already feel the sense of motion building in this watch.

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SevenFriday was one of these brands, combining bold and mechanical designs at a price point that made the watch world stand at attention. The SevenFriday P1-01 is a 47mm-wide square-cased watch that features circular dials. It’s been described as “bold” and “futuristic” with elements of the past like the industrial revolution. The SevenFriday P1-01 model features a polished stainless steel case with a silver, rhodium, and black dial comprising five layers. The dial shows an open balance wheel of the Miyota 82S7 movement, which has a 40-hour power reserve. SevenFriday’s contemporary collection of lifestyle watches launched in June 2012 with the iconic “P” series, selling 1,000 units within 6 months, and 39,000 units within 2 years, quickly gaining fans across the globe with a focus on design and quality. To support one such brand model is quite exciting for us and will always keep our respect being able to make such difference.

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S-Series is SevenFriday’s one of the latest collections, and it was announced at Basel world earlier this year. The first S-Series watch is called the S1/01, features a square case that resembles that of SevenFriday’s first watch collection, the P-Series (reviewed here). The S-Series features conventional hour and minute hands that are thicker and coated with luminescent material. The SevenFriday S2/01, on the other hand, is inspired by the Industrial Revolution and features more steampunk look and feel.  The new SevenFriday S2/01 features a 47mm wide case, and here it is in polished stainless steel. It also has an “animation ring” that surrounds the case is made out of sandblasted PVD antique brass. The antique brass animation ring complements the dial well because the dial has elements that give it a raw industrial look.

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Controlling the pack of brand aesthetic and giving something new, the SevenFriday Q-series is a stylish model that does all the things SevenFriday excels at in a solid package. The SevenFriday Q-Series utilizes the same case and central minute hand found in the V-series from 2015, but introduces three new models (dial layouts, essentially), each with its own unique visual identity despite the similarities in construction. Returning elements include a 44mm stainless steel tonneau-shaped case with 30 meters of water resistance, SevenFriday’s lug less, Fast Strap Changer system, and customized Miyota automatic movement. Notice that each watch in the SevenFriday Q-Series does not differ merely in colour accents, but includes other small details to further emphasize the design inspiration of each.

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SevenFriday M-Series watches have a similar silhouette as the P-Series models with their lug less 47mm wide cases and the concept and dials are very distinctive. The SevenFriday M1 and the SevenFriday M2 watches are similar, but with different finishes. Given the black-coated case, the SevenFriday M2 is going to be a bit more expensive. Both of these watches that debut the SevenFriday M-Series stand unique for using discs versus hands to tell the time. Using discs to indicate the time is a time-honoured albeit niche approach of adding design variety to a timepiece. In technical language the production process involves replacing traditional watch hands with spinning discs. All that is different is how the time is read and it does take a bit, getting used to it.

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SEVENFRIDAY released SEVENFRIDAY INDIA OFFSERIES as encomium to India as a mark of celebrating India and to delight the Indian customers. It looks brilliant in design with the two small Indian flags embellished on the dial and the green, white and saffron colours used depict the sacred colours of India. The PUNK model from off series is embraced in leather animation ring with 3 punk studs on one side of the case adding to the spirit of punk. The WOODY model has a wooden case with many refinements and upgrades. The HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL model is constructed in partnership with the Global Peace Prize winning charity Handicap International. The ROCKETBYZ model looks vibrant with fluorescent colours and best choice for people who choose to stand out among crowd. The ENGINE model is inspired after hot red grills and engines which enable the user to see the ticking machine better than before.

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This spaceship inspired watch from seven Friday is a beast. The Seven layers and 11 applied parts create a multilevel interface with three-dimensional effect. The Y wing provides space to portray the three signature overlapping discs which indicate the time through hours, minutes and seconds. The striking red highlight at 9 o’clock indicates hours. The red arrow indicates minutes. Seconds can be read as the disc moves near the identification plate with the SEVEN FRIDAY logo. The sapphire crystal protects the watch from scratches. It is water resistant up to 3 bar. The screws which are arranged unevenly bears resemblance to the rugged spirit of the watch. The matt black silicone ring just adds to the tenor of galaxies.

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Here is another captivating watch from seven Friday Yacht Club Limited Edition. The inveterate yachting colours look vibrant and make sea lovers yearn for it. The blue suede leather adorns your wrist making it look classy. The animation ring made up of seven layers of maple veneer, each separated with a layer of epoxy resin soaked black paper which just enhances to the thalassic look. The polished stainless steel case back is embedded with NFC chip which enables authentic verification through Seven Friday app. The disc to the seconds while the one to the left mark minutes. The while triangular skeletal hand indicates hours and the watch is water resistant to 3 bars. Grab it as soon as possible as only 450 watches were crafted worldwide.

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The Choo Choo watch from Seven Friday is a mark of celebration of mechanical force. The sandblasted steel case paired up with dark mahogany leather which is wax treated enhances the spirit the mechanical force. The grey, copper, black colours are inspired from locomotive cockpits. The minute hand and timer reminisce manometers. Hours are indicated by 12 hour disc with AM, PM indicator in different colours makes it easy to understand time. The decorative screws blend into the watch dial which is encompassed by polished gunmetal PVD coating stainless steel bezel. It works on Miyota 8219 automatic movement with a 40 hour power reserve. The beast is water resistant at 30 metres. Don’t miss it if you are nuts about the mechanism oh how things function, this one is right there waiting for you

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