One of the leading luxury watch brands, Rolex has created more than 2000 timepieces till now! It is one of those watch brands which believe in going an extra mile in order to meet the expectations of watch enthusiasts all over the world. Rolex watches are synonymous with class not only for watch lovers but also for celebrities, who are often spotted wearing timepieces from this brand, both in real and reel life.

Celebrities in love with Rolex

The favorite celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon love to be clicked with their favorite Rolex beauties around their wrist. Even Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt and David Beckham love to showcase their Rolex love to the world. In reel world, Rolex became an inevitable part of the characters in many movies. Jennifer Anniston in Picture PerfectChristian Bale in American Psycho and Paul Newman in The Color of Money.

Every eye on the Rolex


Wearing a Rolex watch is mistaken by many as a sign of the wearer’s opulence, but in deeper sense, it can mean a lot more positive. It may be the case that the wearer saved a lot all through his/her career to buy the Rolex of the dream or may it’s the watch that he/she inherited as a token of love and belonging from the parents. Rolex is considered the brand of the rich and the powerful, and nothing much can be done to change this notion. But, Rolex is also the first love of those who want to aspire high and rise in their respective fields.

There are many leaders from the past and the present who affirm this fact that Rolex is for those who want to rise in life. Martin Luther King wore the Rolex timepiece while delivering his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. Even Dalai Lama mentioned in an interview with the Malaysian Star in 2010 that he likes watches. He has supposedly several Rolex timepieces in his watch collection.

All that you need to know about Rolex

Whether it’s the Pearlmaster collection or the 3235 movement, Rolex takes the idea of research & development quite seriously to create a new design every time. Pearlmaster is a crowning jewelry watch collection from this brand that holds the secret to the sparkling appearance of the wearer. These watches have the exquisite setting of diamonds, rubies and sapphires on the body made of 18 ct yellow, Everose or white gold. The gold used in watches from this brand is made in its in-house foundry to the surprise of many. Everose is the non-fading version of 18k gold that is quite common among Rolex watches.

Did you know?

It takes about a year to manufacture a Rolex timepiece! It may be a surprise for many, but it holds true that no shortcuts are taken at any step of watchmaking by this brand. Even it has a team of gemologists to ensure optimum quality of gemstones that it uses in its sparkling collections.

The Calibre 3235 movement in its Pearlmaster watches is something unique to the world of timepieces. This new generation movement is created exclusively in-house to achieve an exemplary level of performance. There are many other achievements by this brand that makes it unique in the eye of the watch enthusiasts.

A brand that has established itself strongly in the heart of watch lovers all over the world has taken the next step towards exclusivity with its bejeweled watches that cannot go unnoticed for sure. Switch to Rolex watches at Zimson to be in the league of the achievers and revolutionaries!