The Switzerland-based company, Longines is renowned for its timeless style when it comes to luxury watches. Much like it’s brand logo that represents an hourglass with wings, Longines takes pride in crafting designs that evolve with changing times and trends.

The company began its journey in 1832, and has not looked back ever since.

Longines made its 30 millionth watch on the 19th of February, 2001. A special logo, celebrating the company’s 170th anniversary, was also launched the following year.

Over the years, acclaimed celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Simon Barker, Kate Winslet, Andre Agassi, Stefanie Graf, and Jane Richard have been brand ambassadors of Longines Watches.

Sports watches have been a consistent presence in all Longines catalogues. Let’s look at some that stand out.


Keeping Time With Longines Watches

Longines has been the official sponsor and timekeeper of several popular international sporting event for quite some time now.



Longines was the first ever timekeeper for the Olympics, back in 1896. The company has timed the Olympics fourteen times, ever since then. You can find the invaluable Olympics Edition pocket watches as well as wrist watches even today.



Longines has had the privilege of keeping time at tournaments like the French Open since 2007. It’s also the official timekeeper for the Kremlin Cup and the Japan Open Tennis Championships. With Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi as its brand ambassadors, the company has become an instant favourite amongst tennis enthusiasts as well.



Ever since the 1912 Swiss Federal Gymnastics Meet, Longines has been appointed the official timekeeper at gymnastic events. It was during this meet that Longines, which had recently launched its premier collection of wristwatches, announced the introduction of automatic timing in watches.

With Giulia Steingruber as a brand ambassador, Longines has been a favourite amongst gymnasts. Giulia’s favourite pick is the Classic Conquest L2. The Chinese men’s gymnastic team has also been made the brand ambassadors of Longines watches for their nation.

Equestrian Sports


Longines is also the official sponsor for several horse racing events across several nations in Europe and North America like the Dubai Sheema Classic, Prix de l’Opéra, Hong Kong International Races, Grosser Preis von Baden, and Kentucky Oaks.

The company has officiated at over hundred show-jumping events including World Championships, European Championships, and of course, the Olympics.

Longines’ horse-riding ambassador Jane Richard also has been spotted wearing the Classic Conquest L2.798.5.52.7.



In 1933, Longines was declared the official timekeeper for skiing. The FIS’s Alpine World Championship competition also opted for Longines as it’s official timekeeper.

The talented skier Aksel Lund Svindal has been the brand ambassador for Longines ever since the Alpine World Championship. His favourite Longines timepiece is the Longines Saint imier L2.563.5.72.7. Mikaela Shiffrin, another skier from the Alpine, was made a brand ambassador for Longines, after she won the Rising Ski Stars event that the company hosted.


Longines is known for its Aviators collection. Since 1919, the company has been an official supplier to the International Aeronautics Federation to set and certify their flight records. Revolutionary records were timed on the specially designed timepieces like the first nonstop solo flight across the North Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh in 1927.

Several other sporting events including, basketball, Tour de France, and several American games have Longines as their official timekeeper. With the sporty and classic designs that never go out of style, Longines has launched its exemplary collection of watches that are loved all across the globe. The perfect blend of contemporary style and spectacular designs makes Longines the flawless favourite of many celebutantes across all fields.