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TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition

A powerful history of innovation, intense connection with sports and automobile racing makes Tag Heuer one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands. Things have been quiet exciting of late for fans of the Monaco after the release of special Gulf Edition. The watch has been a style statement for many Hollywood celebrities over the years and has gained immense popularity because of its classic look and techniques. Zimson Watches bring you the detailed review of the magnetic TAG Heuer’s special gulf edition.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Racing blue and orange stripes, TAG Heuer presents a new TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition.

A momentous partnership of TAG Heuer and Gulf for a legendary timepiece has raised the standards of the watchmaking industry. The TAG Heuer Monaco – furnished with the first in the world automatic chronograph, a square case and the Calibre 11 – is an authentic rebellion, concerning both aesthetics and technology.  This fabulous watch passed into future generation, thanks to the Le Mans movie in which Steve McQueen, carries a TAG Heuer Monaco 1133B Calibre 11 on his wrist while driving his Porsche 917 bearing the Gulf colours.

The Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition is now available worldwide in 2018 after being a limited edition since last year with an announcement of a new global licensing deal between Gulf Oil and TAG Heuer. This brand new watch is in a long line of Gulf-branded and themed Monacos with an assurance of more Gulf editions to come in future.

Revisited for this special edition, this blue sunray dial is equipped with orange and blue Gulf racing stripes. The orange stitching with a calfskin blue strap make the ideal racing look of the watch which was inspired by the King of Cool and his celebrated orange and blue sports car. Drawing from the origins of the TAG Heuer Monaco, the special TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf edition honours the rich legacy of the watchmaking brand with motor racing.

TAG Heuer & Gulf

Having no formal link between the two brands, Heuer and Gulf were often seen together, being the major sponsors of motorsports in the 1970s. There is of course the famous image of Steve McQueen (above) showing him wearing his Gulf-sponsored white racing overalls on the set of the 1971 movie Le Mans.

Gulf’s racing colour Zenith Blue and 3957 Tangerine with a separating line- 3748 Navy Blue- between the two colours), most celebrated worn by the Ford GT40 in 1968 and 1969. The official Ford team was not the first to race a GT40 in Gulf colours, with Gulf Oil executive Grady Davis racing the livery in 1967.

This watch stood out from all the other watches introduced at that time with an intense colour pallet. Adding to the classic sweeping lines of the Le Mans cars with a sinuous sweeping arcs that visually scream speed. There is a consistent shape that is used across all the cars in the livery. Lastly there are three prong stripes that run along the bottom edges of the car.

2018 Monaco Gulf 50th Anniversary Edition- CAW211T

TAG Heuer launched a limited edition Gulf Monaco In June 2018, this time to monumentalize the 50th Anniversary of the first Gulf Racing Victory at Le Mans in 1968. The 50th Anniversary Gulf is the replica of the standard Gulf watch with the reference of CAW211T but following modifications.

  • Black leather strap (rather than the blue strap)
  • Light blue stripe on the dial rather than dark blue
  • Numbered Editions XX/50
  • Gulf 50th Anniversary case back

2018 CAW211R- Live Shots

The 2018 Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Edition is owned by Calibre 11 Forum moderator Hubert and comes from the US-only release of the watch from late 2017. It is the  fourth Gulf-branded Monaco being produced over the last 12 years, the first new Gulf Monaco since 2009.

This model is the first Heuer- branded Gulf LE . The dial is influenced by the long-established orange and blue Gulf stripes, the colours are also used for magnificent evident leather strap. The first one to use the Calibre 11 movement as well as the first one to attribute a blue dial.

Price and Availability- Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Edition

The first launched as a US-only model in September 2017 this legendary CAW211R Gulf Monaco was prices US$5,900. To everyone’s surprise this watch is now available worldwide following the signing with Gulf Oil International as a global brand licencing agreement. Find these amazing world class timepieces at Zimson Watches’ select Showrooms or on our website.

This year we’ve seen special new editions which have injected some colour and life back into the Monaco and reminded everyone why it sits at the heart of the TAG Heuer range. It’s fantastic to see the Monaco back in action, and we can only hope for more new special editions further of what should be a banner year for the Monaco in 2019. These new collections are perfectly made to complete a look of an automobile racer and an adventurous enthusiast.

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