In our ambitious and demanding lifestyles, it is always a great privilege to have someone or something that assists us in achieving our goals.  A  personal  assistant  or  companion  who reminds  to drink  water  regularly,  who wakes  up  in  the  morning,  who directs  to  meetings destinations, who notifies who is calling on gadget, who notifies all the updates on gadget is definitely a luxury to possess. One such Personal assistant is a smart watch.

As we prioritize trends in all the categories of watches, how can we miss checking out such trending SMARTWATCHES from TOP BRANDS? So, here we go.


The Fossil Q  Explorist is  an  exclusively  build,  majestic  looking  smartwatch.  The refined finishing and classic design gives this watch a premium feel. The watch being commutable to leather strap or a metal strap adds trend to its appearance.

The Fossil Q Explorist has an exceptional performance with features more or less the same to its co-designs. Personally assisting with notifications of different applications from your gadget,  calculating  your  step  count,  number  of  calories  burnt,  Directions  to  reach  your home,  waking  you  up  in  the  morning  and  many  more.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2rUxRzh


The  one  special  quality  of  Michael  Kors  is  its  incredibly  lightweight.  The stainless steel  strap  is  designed  best  suitable  to  the  dial.  This watch has only one button, unlike the three on the men’s Michael kors Access Grayson. The button opens a list of installed applications, such as the weather, contacts and the Google Play Store.

Image Source: https://mcys.co/2kgs1nI



The  appreciable  advantage  of  Diesel  On  is  its  application  which  is  highly  user  friendly  to configure  on  both  iOS  and  Android.  The  setup  process  is  also  made  quite  simple.  The hamburger menu on the top left opens the settings where we can switch on notifications for desired  applications.  The  app  supports  Apple’s  HealthKit  and  Google  Fit.  Therefore  the fitness  data  can  be  used  as  a  larger  health  tracking  system  on  either  platform.  Reviews speak volumes on its amazing battery backup which is when charged for once will last for six months.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2IC3VhG


The biggest compliment that can be given to Emporio Connected is that one can’t stop looking at it. One who uses it will keep admiring from time to time, such is its appearance. The Hagen Connected is indeed a smart analogue hybrid smartwatch for anyone to prefer. A good   number of customers choose this as it keeps its smartness more clandestine, appealing foremost to watch lovers who want a bit of fun adding along.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2IGpXQe



On a  comparison,  the  summit  is  Montblanc’s  first  proper  smartwatch.  This is an  updated and trendy version than the OLED watch strap which is failed to take off. If one is okay to buy  a  smartwatch  in  this  price  range,  the  summit  would  be  a  good  choice.  Its  features include  4GB  memory,  Altimeter,  Android  2.0,  Bluetooth,  Multi-touch  Recognition,  Music Control,  Navigation,  Preloaded  Apps,  Qualcom  Snapdragon  2100  Processor   and  Voice Translator. The 1.39 inch 400 x 400 AMOLED display is alluring and suitably exclusive.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2rWLDS4

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