Watch connection to the race track

Summer is the time for folksto hit the roads and welcomes the race cars along with good engineering. Since the 1960s, major events like car-racing have been sponsored by important brands. Watch brands are no exception to this! Hot convertibles and high-performance machines, sturdy off-road vehicles and the race-cars meant for speed, are meant to be paired with the latest car-specific watch.

They have been inspired by racing and high-performance cars and their models are an embodiment of this strong connection.The connection between watchmakers and motorsports also extends to fashionable accessories and collectibles, making it more important for the marketing of watch brands.

Cars and watches have a lot in common, including complex engineering.Both are mechanics in the making, and have great influence on each other. Earlier, watches were used to calculate race-speed and time lapse, and were a constant on the racer’s hand. The racers felt that the watches captured the spirit of the race, right from the sound of the engines to the scent of the exhaust.

Famous brands like TAG Heuer and Rolex compete in the market for supplying motor-sport-inspired models, with their premium watches Carrera and Daytona both turning 50 in 2013. The great chronographs, bright colours and efficient functioning have set a standard for other watches in the segment. The very design of the watches are made to model the sports cars in an attempt to get the interest of the general public, as seen in the brands below.<?p>

With the variety of watches available in the market, there may be one for everyone’s taste that takes you right up to the finish line!

Breitling for Bentley

Combining the class of Britain and the perfectionism that defines Switzerland, the Breitling for Bentley collection has carved a niche for itself. It is a merger of the greatest traditions involved in British carmaking and the finer details of Swiss watch making. It strives for perfection mingled with beauty, a merger that would bring about fame for the brands involved. The employees of both brands are devoted to the cause, working with a passion that is obvious in the outcome of the watch.

Standing for both Breitling and Bentley, the watch is symbolised by the capital letter B. The buyers are allowed to choose from between a gold, titanium or steel exterior, built in with unique chronographs.

It gives the wearer of the watch a feeling of accomplishment and an aura of luxury. The watch becomes an animate thing, making the person who he is- it gives a sense of power and prestige, fame and fondue, style and sensuality, boldness and performance.

In 2002, Bentley allowed, for the first time, a watchmaker, Breitling, to design the on board clock. Along with the fame the Continental GT brought, the technical instruments inside the car that were created by Breitling caused quite a stir.

Chopard’s Mille Miglia

Naming the watch after the race is a true depiction of the fact that cars have inspired the watch-making process – Mille Miglia, Italian for “Thousand miles” is an endurance race taking place on the open roads. The Mille Miglia luxury watch has captured the heart of millions of buyers, enough to become the sporting emblem of the brand.

Hublot inspired by Ferrari

The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari lasted a blissful 24 months, and it was akin to a fine marriage. With a stunning 637 pieces of watchmaking components created till date, Hublot holds a record. A complicated sapphire crystal shape makes the watch an extremely fine specimen.

Tissot T-Race range of watches

This is unique model created exclusively by Tissot for the speed fanatics. This range signifies and emphasises the passion of Tissot for motor sports and are dynamic designs inspired by racing bikes and such. Tissot itself having a long antiquity with sports and being the official time keeper of 56 sporting events across the globe in 2016, it comes as no surprise that they have invested much of their resources, time and money in creating watch models that are the ultimate accessory for sport fanatics. Tissot has done much research and to find out those elements of the motorcycle that may be adopted in the watch and have incorporated these in their designs. One of its models which was desgined originally in the year 1965 – the Tissot PRS 516, was modelled on the vintage racing wheels of the 60s and was considered to be the Precise – Robust – Sporty model! The unique feature of this model is its floating indexes and powerful 3D effect provided in the dial. This is considered as the most prestigious of all sports watches in the Tissot Collection and has the distinction of being the first sports model with the A05 movement providing 60 hours of power reserve.

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