What Your Watch Says About Your Personality?

The watch that you wear is not just an accessory but an index of your personality. A lot is said by the choice of your wristwatch, which you may not be unaware about. As the watch is the window to your personality, you must be interested in knowing what is says about you.

Whether you want to live life king size or you want to enjoy it as a wanderer, luxury watch is there to be your true companion.

You are a sport junk.

If you are an avid sports lover, you would not be satisfied with anything except sports watches. Watches with hi-end features best satisfy your desire to own everything that looks sporty. Many watch brands are there to give you exactly what you want.Seiko watches at Zimsonwatches.com and other brands like Raymond Weil and Breitling are at your service to satisfy the sports junkie in you.

You have got the moves like swagger

If you can’t hide your love for shimmer and the shine, what else can best suit your style than a gold watch! Be it gold or gold-plated, the shine is a must for you as it speaks volumes about your love for swagger. Gold watches also help you in taking a shift from the party look to the office getup effortlessly. They complement well the office suit, adding a touch of grandeur to the overall appearance. Brands like Omega and Chopard are there to fulfill your demand for gold watches in exquisite styles.

You live life king size

If being overstated is your style, then you are the one who is not satisfied by a watch unless it is more than 45 mm in diameter. If you have big dreams in life, you will surely want to keep everything large with an over-sized luxury watch. The style of over-sized watches never go out of fashion, as they relate more with the personalized taste than with the on-going trend.

You admit, you are a traveler

If you have tried cuisines of different countries and know how to keep yourself entertained even in the flight, then your wristwatch should be just like you. It should help you cut across borders without getting stuck with the time zone. Some models from CITIZEN and Oris come with such features that can help you in shifting from one time zone to another without any break.

You want to maintain the low profile status

A watch lover, who enjoys keeping it understated yet classy go for watches with a classic look. Simple in construction but appealing in look, classic timepieces from brands like Longines and Baume & Mercier best complement their understated appeal.

You love adventurous activities

No matter what your profession is, but you love to indulge in adventure whenever you get a chance. As you always await adventure, you look for a watch that best understand the exploration freak lying subdued inside you. There are different types of timepieces just for the adventure lovers like, compass watches and altimeter watches. From Rolex to Seiko watches, choices are many. You just have to follow your heart when picking the watch that blends well with your adventurous avatar.

It’s better to follow your individual style than going with the trend. Let your accessories be the reflection of your attitude towards life, and the best way to do is to pick a luxury watch designed just for you. Different watch brands engage in designing different types of timepieces so that they can successfully cater to customized tastes and preferences. Such is the charm of luxury watches that you just can’t resist them, then why not pick them only after understanding the way you are!

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