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Tissot T-Race Touch

In the racing arena as we all know, every second is important and hence the accuracy of the watch is of utmost value. This is seen as the most high-tech and high-touch luxury race watch. Combining the best features of both analog and digital the Tissot T-Race Touch luxury watch from Tissot, has both the displays. It also adds a touch-sensitive crystal for reading accessible racing-oriented digital features. The watch includes a chronograph function, which allows the wearer to record and save 99 lap times through a special log book feature that will keep tracking how far you need to go as well as letting you know how far you have already traversed. This luxury watch from Tissot sports a sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating with a transparent touch-sensitive overlay which the owner and wearer can initiate with the push of a button. This overlay helps in the digital functions such timer, alarm, split and lap times monitoring. The hands can in fact be converted into an active compass needle – this is useful in case you lose your way! Housed in a large case this watch has a diameter of 42.15mm. and thickness of 13.45 mm.

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